Divorce Mediation: Is it Suitable for You and Your Spouse?

Couple on process of divorce mediation with lawyerWhen it comes to dissolving a marriage, most spouses want to avoid taking the case to court. This is why many choose divorce mediation, which is a more affordable and less dramatic way to end a marriage. It involves the presence of neutral third party, who facilitates the process and helps the couple agree on divorce-related matters.

It is true that mediation is a practical choice for many divorcing spouses, but it may not be the best choice for every couple. If you’re considering mediation, you have to consider your relationship with your spouse to find out whether the process is suitable for all the parties involved.

Long Island divorce mediation experts note that this may be a good option if:

The decision is mutual

Mediation is ideal if you and your spouse agreed to divorce. When the decision is mutual, you can work together easier and agree on most related issues. If the decision is one-sided, the other party may be reluctant to cooperate or attend divorce proceedings.

Both of you want to stay in good terms

Mediation involves cooperation and collaboration between the parties involved. This could work well if you want to stay in good terms for the sake of your children or your personal values. If the relationship, however, is so tarnished to the point that you never want to see or talk to your spouse again, mediation is not the right choice.

Your spouse is a dedicated parent

If kids are involved, you and your spouse need to come up with a parenting agreement. Mediation offers a great opportunity for negotiation and deciding what’s best for your kids.

These are just a few things you need to consider when deciding whether to end your marriage through mediation. It is likely to work if you and your spouse can talk without arguing or shouting at each other. Also, there should be no intense levels of hatred or anger. Work with an experienced divorce attorney to find out if this is the right option for you.