Do You Wanna Build a Fire Pit?: Ideas to Build the Perfect Fire Pit

Perfect Fire PitA fire pit is a perfect addition to your deck or out there in the backyard. Not only will it give you additional warmth during chilly evenings, it can also be a venue for a fun barbecue or marshmallow party.

If you’re planning to build a fire pit for your house, you should have in mind a clear picture of how it should look. Fire pits come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Anyone who is looking to create a permanent pit should plan and choose well, especially if it’s added as a design solution.

Below, Uintah Gas Fireplaces shares a few unique ideas for building your own fire pit.

Go rectangular

Who says fire pits should always be circular? A rectangular firebox can be a great choice if you plan to build it at the center of a U-shaped seating in your patio. This setting is beneficial in a way that the warmth from the pit can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Set it up under the gazebo

There’s no rule that tells fire pits are only for the outdoors. You can actually build it under a roofed structure such as a gazebo or a sunroom. By doing this, you can still enjoy the fire and your barbecue even if it’s raining.

Stack stones and slabs

If you want it to be more natural-looking, you can stack natural stones and rugged slabs around the pit, instead of boring bricks and concrete blocks. Natural materials lend a natural charm that best suits the outdoor. You can set up log benches and potted flowers around it for added effect.

Choose a fire bowl

For a small outdoor space, a fire bowl can be an ideal solution. They can be made from concrete or metal, filled with rocks and pebbles. Most fire bowls are portable, making them a great choice if you want to move them around.

While DIY kits are affordable, it pays to have professional fireplace and fire pit contractors install it. Many builders also offer other fire pit products, providing complete services and supplies such as firewood, pellet stove, tiles and other accessories.