Do Your Restaurant Rebranding Right in 4 Ways

Friends dining at an Asian restaurantToday’s food and beverage industry go through rapid changes, and it’s a challenge to stay relevant. It’s sometimes a case of not being able to keep up with the competition, but there are times when it could just be a flawed branding. Instead of closing shop, you can explore revamping your brand. Here’s how:

Consult your stakeholders

Before you do anything drastic, you need to discuss it first with your stakeholders — including your staff, loyal customers, and investors — especially if it involves a lot of money. Make them feel that you know what you’re doing and what results they can expect from the big move.

Do the necessary changes and upgrades

Everything about your restaurant must reflect your new brand. Like what Entrepreneur editor Kim Lachance Shandrow says, rebranding is more than simply changing your name. You need to change your logo, the feel of all your promotional materials, and even the whole look of your place.

If it would help, renovate the whole layout and get new catering buffet displays. Once you launch, your guests would expect to see something new, so don’t disappoint.

Hire the best team

This is your second chance to make it right, so have the best people to help you. Take the time to complete your creative team, as they will be the one to help execute and turn your visions into reality. Branding has a lot to do with visuals and copy, so never settle for mediocrity.

Create a buzz

Aside from your creative team, you will want the best PR professionals to help you get the word out there. No matter how brilliant your rebranding ideas are, if people don’t start talking about it, it’s destined to be doomed.

The most important thing that you must remember when rebranding your restaurant is the popular saying that goes, ‘Don’t fix what is not broken’. If you believe you have perfected your product offering or if you know you have the best service team, leave that alone and focus on what can be improved.