Duct Cleaning: 3 Things to Watch Out For

Cleaning air duct with brushThe winter season is here once again. Although it might be a little too late, having clean air ducts to let hot air circulate in your home to warm you up this season is important. It is admittedly to forget to clean and maintain your air vents in the midst of busy schedules.

In Indiana, cleaning air vents is easy. You just need to call a professional and the air in your home will be cleaner than ever before. The tricky part is knowing when to have your vents and air ducts cleaned.

If your air duct shows any of these three signs, then you must clean them right away:

Mold visibility

The air that constantly passes through the ducts can leave them dry and can make it possible for molds to form. Apparently, that is not always the case. Mold formation in ducts, vents, and the inner sheets of the system only happens when it is not cleaned for a very long time. Other sources of mold growth can also cause mold formation in the ducts. If mold does form, it is important to not only clean the vent but also find out the cause of the problem.

Pest infestation

Rodents, insects, and other creatures that run through your ducts can not only cause disturbances but are unhygienic as well. The dirt that they bring, along with their bodily wastes, can cause health risks to you and everyone at home.

Dirt and debris

Pet hair filling the vent as well as dust and debris around means that your duct is dirty. Prevent this from happening again by cleaning your home and the vent area regularly.

Make sure to check your air vents to find out if they show any of these 3 signs. By cleaning them regularly, you would avoid many bigger possible problems in the future.