Exercise that Lets You Float on Air

aerial yogaHow would you like to feel like a bird flying through the air? Now, it’s possible for you to experience defying gravity even for just a short while.

There are exercise programs that make use of equipment such as the ball or towel. Then there are gym equipment to help you tone muscles, develop strength and endurance. But, what if there was an exercise program that could do all of these things and make your joints flexible at the same time? How about something that relaxes the mind too?

Aerial Yoga

Introducing aerial yoga training. A yoga exercise that makes use of an aerial fabric hammock attached to a ceiling. Though it seems silly, if you seriously want to reap all the benefits of exercise, this is just the program you need, antigravityfitness.com says.

Beginner to Advanced

The goal of aerial yoga is to maximize the aerial fabric hammock in ways that will allow you to stay afloat on air, halfway suspended and even with knees on the ground.

When you first look at the hammock it seems impossible for you to imagine what kind of yoga training you can do with it. That is why beginners would need to receive basic training first from a professional aerial yoga instructor before moving to advanced levels. This is necessary to warm up and condition your muscles to prepare you for a more complex training.

You need to do a couple of basic training before you can move to a more difficult level. It’s as if you are training yourself to dance ballet. The truth is, aerial yoga is like ballet, only that you do it afloat. Later when you get used to it, you can buy yourself an aerial fabric hammock. You can both do it with a group or by yourself.

Whichever you prefer, you would surely reap all the benefits of exercise and meditation in a new, exciting way.