Focal Points: Striking Living Room Accents to Envy

living roomYour living room should mirror your personality. To make a design statement in this area, it’s important to create focal points so your room will have more character and appeal. If your living room lacks focus, below are some tips to make it better:

Add Carpets

If you feel like putting a personal touch in your living room, carpets are your best option. They’re not only changeable, but they’re also more affordable than other floor coverings. Also, carpets allow you to create a cozy and luxurious atmosphere. Many retailers of carpet in Jacksonville sell a wide selection of carpet styles that match the décor of any rooms.

Use Colors

Color can be a powerful instrument when decorating a living room. By simply changing the wall paint, you can transform the entire look of your room. Using color to frame a focal point is also a good idea. You may want to paint the wall in a different color where the fireplace is located. This will add visual appeal and focus to the fireplace.

Hang a Wall of Pictures

Group your artwork on one wall and choose frames that work well together. Make sure to plan the arrangement before you drill the first hole. You don’t want to destroy your wall, do you?

Rearrange Your Furniture

When your living room has few features, try to introduce your own. Create a square or circle by moving your existing furniture pieces and make the center of that shape as your focal point. Place something on the center such as a coffee table to highlight the focal point.

Use Patterns

A living room with a plain color scheme is dull and uninviting. To create focus, add bold patterns. Purchase a brightly colored piece of furniture like a painted table or patterned sofa to add character to your room.

A well-decorated living room is nothing without a focal point. Take advantage of the things that are already there. If your living room doesn’t have any distinguishable feature, be creative and explore your decorative side by creating your own focal point.