Garage Door Troubleshooting Tips

Residential garage doorBeing exposed to different types of weather conditions, a garage door is vulnerable to damages. While there are quick fixes and DIY instructions available online, having professional and trusted garage door repair experts in Utah look into the problem remains the best solution. Here’s why:

Safety First

Anything connected to a power supply always presents a danger. Always think of safety precautions when dealing with these issues such as wearing anti-static gloves. Remember, a garage door is run by a lift motor which should always be connected to a power outlet. For your protection, do not touch the lift motor as well as the torsion bar and counterbalance springs with your bare hands.

Check the Power Supply

Sometimes, a faulty garage door is simply caused by a disruption to the power source. If you want to check whether the power supply is the problem, plug another working electronic device into the outlet where the power supply is currently plugged. If it did not work, the problem could be the outlet. However, if it did work, you might want to check the circuit breaker.

Closing Time!

It can be a mechanical or an electrical problem if the garage door has problems closing or opening. However, there are instances when you are trying to close the garage doors, but then it suddenly reverses back halfway through. Something is preventing it from completely closing.

This could be a result of unnecessary friction with the rollers. Two things, the close force needs adjustment, or the rollers are damaged or rusty. Hopefully, it falls under the third reason, your kid’s toy that blocks the garage door from completely rolling down. Better yet, the garage door has a photoelectric sensor or photo eye where the beam gets stuck and can be easily cleaned by tissue.

Call the Experts

Other than these simple scenarios, you might want to consider getting assistance from garage door experts. First, you avoid worsening the issue. And second, you get the assurance that your garage door will be fixed, faster.