Generate More Leads With These Types of Interactive Content

MarketingInteractive content is more than just about polls, surveys, and online quizzes. While these encourage participation and feedback, many other content types can also generate interaction. These involve updating old forms of content and making them more appealing, interactive, and engaging.

Modern White Paper

Many marketers are reluctant to produce white paper content, because they don’t know if people actually read and review them. This is why content marketers and top SEO companies agree that static papers need a makeover and update. Instead of writing content with big chunks of text, incorporate images, assessments, and questions. This will let you create a truly effective piece of content that is in line with what digital readers want.

Interactive Infograhic

While infographics are a popular format, you can still make it more engaging by incorporating collaborative elements. Encourage interaction by presenting information and asking readers to validate data. Don’t just fill with it images, colors, and cute graphics. Take them to a new kind of learning experience by adding quizzes that provide results for the benefit of clients and readers.


Technology has made it easier and more convenient to create interactive calculators that can do a variety of functions. They can now compute more than just mortgage savings and how much house a person can afford. These tools can now calculate cost of return-on-investment, cost of poor ad performance, the value of missed opportunities, and many others.


These types of content provide an opportunity for readers to assess their knowledge, skills, and others on a specific area. They take online quizzes to the next level by giving you chance to showcase your products or knowledge in fun and engaging format. Assessments also give you additional insights to better target prospects.

Note that it is easier to get readers attention by enabling some sort of communication. These types of interactive content can help you accomplish that. They can create richer and more personalized experience, increase visitor stay times, and generate more leads.