Getting the Right Air Conditioner for Your Home

aircon productsBuying the right size of air conditioner is important to maintain room temperature more efficiently. With proper usage and regular maintenance, you can also cut down on energy bills. Keep in mind that bigger is not necessarily better; you still need to consider the size and space of the room, as well.

To help you get the right unit for your home, here are some tips from

Knowing the capacity of the unit

Check the unit’s tonnage or cooling capacity. Consider the size and requirement of the room. Keep in mind that an oversized air conditioner can be less effective. This can cool the room much faster, but it only removes some of the humidity, leaving the area damp. Get the right size to remove humidity efficiently as it cools. Proper placement is also essential; the air should be directed to the center of the room.

Split or window AC?

It can be difficult to choose between a window and split AC. Energy consumption for both units is almost similar. The only difference is the installation process. In most cases, re-installation fees for split AC are much higher. The best thing about these units is they don’t require a special vent or a window to be fixed. In case you’re looking for variety, these units provide more choices.

Energy efficiency and rating

Always go for energy efficient AC units. Check the ratings before buying one. Search online for more tips and suggestions. Read product reviews and weigh the pros and cons. Check the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio if you have a central air conditioner unit.

Air conditioners require regular maintenance to make it more efficient. Clogged filters can make your AC use more energy. Consider cleaning the unit once or twice a month. Check out those vents and filters. The longevity of the unit depends on how you take care of it over time.