Going Natural: Treating DVT the Natural Way

Woman inspecting her legsSpending too much time working on the computer would not only negatively affect your eyes or give you chronic back pain. It can also be the cause of blood clots in your legs that might eventually affect the whole body. This clotting condition in the artery or the vein is known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

This venous condition can be painful for some or show no symptoms at all for others. However, medical professionals would agree to have DVT treated as soon as possible to prevent it from becoming a post-thrombotic syndrome. Here are some natural ways you can prevent DVT from worsening or happening in the first place.

Natural remedies for deep vein thrombosis

1. Exercise

Mild, regular exercise like walking, jogging, and stretching can help promote blood flow. Avoid being in the same position (I.e. sitting) for an extended period. Make sure to move every hour and have your physician draft an exercise plan to prevent or manage DVT.

2. Elevation and compression

Compression stockings should professionally be prescribed and fitted and should be worn as often as possible. Elevate your legs at least 3-4 time daily for at least 15 minutes to relieve pressure in the veins. Make sure your leg is higher than you hip.

3. Herbal remedies

Herbal remedies like Gingko Biloba, Cayenne pepper, hawthorn, ginger, rosemary, and turmeric among others, are well known for their anti-DVT properties. Most of these herbs promote proper blood circulation by thinning the blood. Some of these plants are known for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as having antioxidants. Something that a DVT sufferer needs.

4. Omega 3

Fish fat is rich in Omega-3 and can be enjoyed by people with DVT. Omega-3 reduces blood platelet activity which in turn reduces the possibility of blood clotting.

Do keep in mind that these natural remedies are just supplementary treatment options for your DVT. You should still consult with your doctor for the full course of treatment plan specially designed for you.