Granny Flats: Your Home Away from Home in the Big City

Granny Flats in PerthUrban centres in Australia are seeing a surge in demand for smaller apartments. People who are used to living in sprawling farms in the countryside might scoff at the liveability potential of smaller spaces. Now, the opinion has shifted in favour of small living spaces boosted by the efficient design and layout afforded by innovative construction and design methods.

Are you moving to a metropolitan area for work or study? Are you apprehensive about the options awaiting you in regard to living space? Apartment buildings are not your only option. You can scout the area for secondary dwellings for rent as well.

Granny Flats shares why these residential units make for a great option in accommodations. 

A Separate, Cosy, and Comfortable Living Space

Perth is a prime spot, a progressive metropolis where Australians and foreigners alike choose to work and study. Building a secondary dwelling is now popular among homeowners because it can accommodate the needs of an expanding, multi-generational family. Meanwhile, others choose to invest in an additional building to boost their income. While family members often use the self-contained structure, some opt to rent the secondary dwelling on a weekly, monthly, or long-term basis.

Why Should You Consider Renting a Secondary Dwelling?

Restrictions limit only one secondary dwelling for a single residential property. While the primary house and the smaller structure share one lot, the latter has a separate access point and is fully independent of the main house. Essentially, you enjoy full privacy if you live in a granny flat. Although the living spaces are smaller than in typical Australian homes, all the facilities you require for a comfortable stay are there. Most dwellings have outdoor spaces, and when possible an area for a pocket garden where you can grow herbs and flowering plants.

Are you getting ready to move to the city? Get in touch with people who convert or build a section of their property to build a secondary dwelling. They can help you find a home away from home.