Handling Your Finances in a Divorce

Divorce Lawyer

Things end for many reasons. Relationships, and even marriages, are not spared from such. In some cases, the end comes at an expected time, such as the death of a partner or a spouse. In some cases, the end of the relationship comes as a divorce. The situation becomes even more heartbreaking when there are properties that need to be settled once the marriage has been dissolved.

Putting Things In Perspective

Most divorce lawyers in Townsville recommend settling your finances as soon as you have started filing for the dissolution of your marriage. This would include closing any joint account that you might have with your spouse. You would need to settle and divide such accounts as agreed in your pre-nuptial agreement. If you have none, try to reach an amicable settlement with your spouse with the help of a legal counsel.
It is also a good idea to ensure that you properly record any assets that you and your spouse might have. Include debts or mortgage loans that you and your spouse might have incurred during the marriage. Keep also a separate list of assets and liabilities that are strictly under your name. This would come in handy when you are working out a list of assets.
If you are renting a house, make sure that you update your rental agreement. If you need to move out, you need to make sure that you inform the landlord and make a new rental agreement that reflects you and your partner’s new status.  This would prevent any confusion when issues arise regarding unpaid rent.

The Repercussions

Divorce lawyers can help ensure that you and your partner reach a settlement that is fair to everyone involved. Divorce is difficult enough, and the aid of a lawyer who can help you through the process is an essential step in restarting a new life.