Here’s How to Prepare Your Kids for Their First Dental Visit

Toddler in his first dental visitDo you have a toddler in your family? Or do you work with kids who could use some oral hygiene education? Going to the dentist isn’t only for when your milk teeth fall out. In fact, how you take care of your milk teeth will affect your permanent teeth. That’s why it’s important to educate children as soon as possible.

So, if you’re introducing kids to a dentist in Manteca, CA soon, these tips should help you.

Bring them as soon as you see the first tooth

Or as soon as they turn 1, whichever comes first. Baby teeth are more prone to decay than adult teeth so having them checked this early is important to make sure their teeth stay healthy.

Include “Teeth” and “Tongue” when you talk about body parts

Every toddler will learn the “Head, shoulders, knees, and toes” song. Find a way to include teeth and tongue so they would know that they’re also important body parts to remember and to keep clean.

Teach them how to brush right away

There are toothbrushes made for those first teeth that come out. Brush your teeth with your child or make it a family thing and brush all your teeth together. Do this regularly to teach them the routine of brushing twice daily.

Let them tag along on your dental appointment

Even if they’re not going in for a check-up, bring them with you when you go in for your cleaning. Introduce them to the dentist so they can familiarize themselves with what goes on at a dental office. Show them how it feels to sit in the dental chair and let them ask their questions.

Remember that their first visit will leave a lasting impression. So, be sure to make it as pleasant as you possibly can so that every visit would be easy. Do these, and your kids will keep their teeth pearly white and their smiles always bright.