Home Away From Home: How to Make Your Apartment Stay Better

Apartment HotelAlthough staying at an apartment hotel has its perks, some people do not enjoy their time because they are there for work or the place just is not welcoming at all. The truth is that long business trips can get you feeling homesick.

Here are a few tips on how you can make your apartment hotel stay feel more like home.

Fresh Flowers in a Vase

One of the best ways to personalise your room is to treat yourself to something that will brighten up the place. Studies show that people are less likely to be anxious and depressed when there are fresh flowers around. Ask the apartment accommodations staff to provide you a vase and place your fresh roses and lilies in the dining table or on the nightstand beside the bed.

Your Favourite Songs Playing in the Background

There is nothing that can make you feel more at home than music filling the air. Play your favourite songs, especially those that you and your family love. Most apartments have iPod docks or similar equipment in rooms. Take advantage of this and listen to your favourite songs in the privacy of your own room.

Fill up the Space with Your Favourite Scent

Small scented candles can create a warmer and homier atmosphere in the room. Research shows that smell is the strongest of the senses and is the most effective at triggering memories. Negative moods and emotions can be effectively lifted through fragrances. Aside from that, it also boosts productivity at work, which is crucial when you are on a business trip. You can buy diffusers, aroma melts warmers, incense, or linen sprays for your room.

Long business trips do not need to be a dread. Personalise your space and make your apartment stay feel more like home with these tips.