How important is a smile?

Mom and daughter smilingA smile is apparently the first thing you notice about a person. Although we like to think we don’t judge people on their appearance, a first impression really does matter. Flaws in your smile are natural, after all no one is perfect, however major, unsightly problems with your teeth can have a significant effect on self-confidence as well as your overall oral health. One solution to address the aesthetics of your smile is veneers, which are available across Essex, including at Simply Teeth.

Why choose veneers?

It may surprise you to find out how many celebrities owe their brilliant looks to dental veneers. It has been said that if you want to make it big in Hollywood, you must look the part and many have decided to do just that.

Perfect smiles are not exclusive to Hollywood though, some of the biggest names in music have changed their smiles with dental veneers. Katie Perry and Cheryl Cole have both lengthened and perfected their teeth with veneers. Veneers are not just for the stars though. If they sound like something that you would want to benefit from, all you need to do is visit a dentist trained in veneers treatment.

What are the other benefits?

Veneers can positively affect both your professional and personal life by boosting your confidence with a rejuvenated smile. Many people worrying about dental imperfections can benefit from veneers.

Even slight gaps in your teeth can make you feel self-conscious, causing you to hide your smiles or refrain from smiling at all. Veneers can resolve this problem.

Chipped and discoloured teeth are also common dental imperfections, which veneers can easily disguise.

Veneers can be matched exactly to the rest of your teeth, to create a natural, beautiful smile. Alternatively a full set of veneers can be used to transform all of your teeth in one go.

The treatment

A thin layer of the outer coating of your teeth usually needs to be removed before placing your veneers. This creates enough space for them to snugly fit in and also produces a slightly roughened surface for the veneers to attach to. A dental adhesive is used to bond the veneers to your teeth. A polish and clean finishes off your new look.