How Prepared Are Utahns for Emergencies?

A Flooded RoadHurricanes. Earthquakes. Floods. News after news of disasters plagued all of the United States. Utah has not been spared, and this could go on without any warning. 

With all these damage-causing problems, how prepared is Utah?

Fast Response Time

It's important to call for help as soon as possible, especially if you're facing a situation that can endanger someone's life. This doesn't just mean a medical emergency, though ambulance dispatch is an important number to have. This also means calling for water damage restoration as soon as the flooding has stopped, to prevent the spread of bacteria around the house, which may cause worse problems. This also means being proactive in assessing the extent of damage to property and mitigating risks by removing any loose roof tile or branch ready to fall on an unsuspecting victim. 

Earthquake Warning System 

An early warning system is desperately needed in Utah. After the strong earthquake that hit Mexico City, the presence of fault lines around Utah make everyone question its safety when another major quake hits. There has been recorded small quakes as of recent, and each one can potentially lead to loss of life. It falls on the government to make sure that Utah–like Japan, Taiwan, and China–has an early warning system in place to minimize damage wherever possible. 

Fire Fighting 

Sometimes, a sprinkler system is enough to douse a fire; other times, you need firefighters on the scene. It's important that firefighters get there on time, to extinguish the fire before it causes total loss of property and even loss of life. Residents should have a fire alarm, and neighbors should also be vigilant about any suspicious smoke coming from a nearby house. It takes effort from everyone to successfully prevent the spreading of fire in the neighborhood. 

There's no knowing what kind of danger you'll face next. Be prepared for everything.