How to Boost Your Social Security Disability Claim

A Disabled ManHas a disability, illness, or chronic condition taken away your ability to provide for your family? As you probably already know, you can apply for Social Security disability benefits here in Arkansas. Sadly, the process of application and approval appears to be too cumbersome.

In reality, you are likely to get a denial than approval, yet you can still try. Here are some suggestions.

Ask Professional Help

Now, even if your claim may result in a rejection, you can still increase your chances for approval right from your initial application. You can get representation from here on out; an attorney who specialize in this field such as The Baim Law Firm will be able to help you understand the needed requirements.

The attorney can also help you fill out the paperwork, gather the necessary information, and file your application.

Ready Your Records

Besides a good lawyer, you can also increase your approval chances by having your entire medical records ready in time for your application. You will want the Social Security Agency to see the whole picture of your disability right from the beginning.

Paperwork that you need to have ready include papers that prove you have received medical care, documented opinions of doctors, and a residual functional capacity form, among many others.

Stop Working

You will have to look at your income as well to boost your approval chances. The SSA, as of 2016, considers those qualified for disability benefits as individuals earning less than $1,130 a month. Once you suffer disability, to boost your claim, you can stop from working.

Anticipate Denial, and Appeal

Now, as reality dictates, your claim may suffer rejection. You can still request an appeal for your claim, but you have to make the request within the span of two months. It may take a while, however, for any decision to be made on your claim. Others have waited for a year or more.

When it comes to disability claims, all you can do is the ones mentioned above and hope for the best.