How to Incorporate Veggies into Your Kids’ Meals

Raw fruits and vegetablesIs mealtime always a battle between you and your kids? Have you run out of tactics to get your kids to eat veggies? Bless This Mess believes in healthy eating for both adults and children. Though American kids can go on days without eating vegetables, there are still ways to get them into their meals every day.

Turn them into soup.

A food processor will help you here. Boil vegetables like squash or broccoli, and process them with water or broth. Sautee garlic and onions then add your processed vegetables to make a lovely soup. Some vegetables would go well with cream, milk, or butter. Just add salt to taste and serve. Your kids will never know it came from a veggie. Plus, they’ll love the color, too.

Put them in spaghetti sauce.

All kids love spaghetti. You can use eggplants, broccoli, carrots, or even some leafy vegetables like spinach or kale. Once they’re turned into mush in the processor, add them to your tomato sauce and your regular Italian seasoning to make a hearty, healthy spaghetti sauce.

Bake them in bread.

If you like baking bread, then your kids must love your loaves. You can use pumpkin, onions, carrots, and zucchini in your next bread recipe by shredding or grating them and mixing them in your dough. They give your bread a nice confetti-like design, and they won’t even taste like the vegetable.

Let them try different vegetables at different times.

This technique may take a little more getting used to. But this works for those who have the time and patience to introduce different kinds of vegetables to their kids. Let them taste new vegetables every week. They may not like it at first, but you can try again after a couple of weeks. If you keep the cycle going, they’ll get used to at least one vegetable. And that’s a start.

Try these techniques on your kids and see which one works for them. You may find other ways to incorporate those healthy veggies as you go through the process.