How to Keep Your Lithium Batteries Working for a Long Time

A collection of batteries in different sizesLithium-ion batteries do not come cheap. They also are not easy to produce. And throwing them and replacing them often could harm the environment. So make your lithium batteries last longer by following these tips from Benchmark Minerals:

Use Them ASAP

After buying lithium batteries, avoid opening all of them at once, and not using them right away. Opened and unused lithium batteries can die quickly, so this means that you will only be wasting your money and all those precious batteries.

Once opened, make sure to use them properly. Also, storing them in a shelf or cabinet can be dangerous, so make sure to place them where they need to be. Avoid buying fake or low-quality lithium batteries, as these can be extremely dangerous and will die just after a few uses.

Store in Room Temperature

Lithium batteries are very sensitive when it comes to their storage and temperature. Always make sure to store your batteries in a room with a temperature of about 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. Cold temperatures can make the battery slow down, making it die faster. Just keep them somewhere the temperature is just right. This way, your batteries will stay longer.

Do Not Over or Undercharge

Sometimes, it is impossible to charge your lithium batteries to a point where it is just the right amount. However, this should always be the case. You should make sure that your batteries are not over or undercharged. Do not put too much stress on your batteries or else, they will eventually die.

The best way to know how to take good care of your lithium batteries is by talking to your manufacturer about it. Do not be afraid to ask.