How to Remind Your Clients About Their Veterinary Appointments

Veterinary clinicReminder cards are among the most useful tools of veterinarians when it comes to building repeat business and ensuring that clients are always updated about their pet’s health.

But how do you make certain that your reminders really work? Yes, your clients care for their pets, but sometimes, even the most responsible pet owner would need a nudge from you. Below are some easy tactics to help your clients follow through with your instructions:

  • Send veterinarian postcards to clients for specific things you would like for them to do, aside from coming in for routine checkups. For instance, if a client’s pet requires regular screenings for diabetes or a thyroid problem, remind your client months and weeks in advance.
  • In the event that your client doesn’t respond after sending them veterinarian reminder postcards, text messages and emails, continue sending another after two weeks.
  • If your client still fails to respond, call them. If your written reminders don’t work after two failed attempts, you must try harder.
    Ensure that your staff knows how to phrase the reminder in a way that won’t come off as aggressive, but helpful and concerned instead. Ask your staff to try and convince your client to make an appointment soon or leave your contact details along with a friendly reminder.
  • For subsequent appointments, recalls or follow-ups, set a clear schedule before your client leaves your clinic. Write it down on your prescription pad and hand it to your client. Inform them that if they have issues with scheduling, they could always contact you to reschedule.

Above all, keep in mind that there is no perfect reminder strategy, and you would need to personalize yours to fit your practice and, more importantly, your clients. Do some testing. If a specific strategy fails or doesn’t get you the results you need, tweak it until it is as effective as possible.