Ideal Fencing Solutions for Any Home

FenceInstalling a fence is worth considering, as it serves two things: protection and aesthetics. Depending on your priorities, you can choose to make security your top priority over aesthetics. Or, how about doing both? You can help make your property safe while at the same time improving the overall aesthetic value of your property.

According to Direct Trades Supply, there are many types of urban andr rural fencing supplies for residential homes. Unfortunately, what may be ideal for your home is not ideal for others. Take a look at the following common types of residential fences.

Privacy Fence

For absolute privacy, you can use either vinyl or wood to provide full coverage of your property’s perimeter. Metal fences can also be used. However, it is imperative that the spacing in between the metal bars is small enough to prevent any privacy breaches. Metal fences can provide quite limited privacy.

Wrought Iron Fence

If aesthetics are what you are after, then wrought iron fencing will give you unmatched beauty and elegance to your property. Not only does it look stunning, it also affords a more classic 19th century charm and aesthetically pleasing look to your entire property. As the wrought iron bars are spaced rather wide apart, this is excellent for those individuals who prefer increased visibility than privacy.

Metal Fence

Offering both moderate privacy and minimalist aesthetic appeal, metal fences are commonly used primarily for their durability. This type of fencing is also ideal for homeowners who require low maintenance fences without sacrificing a more modern appeal. For homes located in areas that experience harsh weather systems, this will be the ideal type of fence. However, like all metals, this type of fence is susceptible to corrosion or rusting. It is important to weatherproof the metal fence at least every two years.

Wood Fence

For homes that require a more traditional approach to fencing, wood fences are the answer. This type of fencing is readily available and is quite affordable. However, as they can absorb moisture, they require more extensive maintenance compared to other types of fences.

Vinyl Fence

If you like wood, but don’t like doing maintenance, vinyl fences will be the excellent choice. It is more durable and only requires minimal maintenance, almost similar to metal fences.

Choosing the best or ideal type of fence for your home requires understanding what you really want. Whether you need privacy above all else or a more pleasing aesthetic look, there is bound to be a fence just for your property.