Impact of Nursery Room Colours to Babies

Nursery RoomPicking a colour scheme for the nursery room can be a bit challenging, not just because of aesthetic considerations, but also the impact it can create to the mood and behaviour of babies. In Western Australia, more and more families have grown well aware of the science behind room colours, which is why many are adjusting and renovating nursery areas.

Colours have the ability to excite and calm, but there are also shades that negatively affect the development of the child. If you’re planning to paint the walls, it’s important to know which colours to use and which to ditch.

Blue Soothes

The most common house painting Perth contractors use is blue because it generally gives a cool and calm feel to the space. But blue is particularly useful in nursery rooms as research suggests that it slows down the body to effectively resist common sicknesses, like cold and fever. As blue generates a calming effect, it facilitates a sound rest and sleep for babies.

Yellow Agitates

Too much yellow in the infant’s room can disturb the rest babies need. Yellow creates stress in the baby’s developing nervous system, so it is best to tone down the bright colours, as research recommends. Pairing yellow with neutral colours will help downplay brighter shade.

Black and White Calm

Like blue, black and white also provides a tranquil effect in the nursery room, which positively affects the development of the baby. Experts say that for the first four months, infants only see black, white and grey, so these shades are perfect in complementing their vision. You may want to paint the walls like zebra stripes to achieve a creative room and an environment conducive for the health of the baby.

It’s important to know which colours are appropriate for the baby’s room, so that you can paint the walls and refurnish the space, while prioritising the health of your child.