Is a Walk-In Bathtub for You?

Assisting elder personAs people age or get physical disability, it becomes hard for them to maintain balance. Therefore, there is a real risk of falling, slipping, and tripping when taking a bath. The elderly are at the greatest risk.

Older adults are more likely to take longer to recover from a fall and are more likely to get serious injuries as a result compared to rest of the population. Walk in tubs for the elderly offer several benefits to people with similar challenges. The experts at Heavenly Walk In Tubs present a few arguments why the modified bathtub can be good for you.

Are walk-in bathtubs better than your regular shower?

There are several safety inadequacies in your standard bathroom. There is no hand support when someone slips. Moreover, the floors can also inflict deep injuries should one fall on them. Modified bathtubs are easier to enter as doors open on the ground and are easier to stand and move out.

Do you have trouble sitting or standing?

If you have problems sitting and standing such as in the case of people with arthritis, the walk-in type of bathtubs may offer you great assistance. The safety handrails offer you the support you need to sit or stand.

They make it easy for caregivers to offer assistance

A caregiver who wants to assist the elderly in bathing can find a walk-in tub of much assistance even where the elderly person has serious mobility issues. The senior would just sit and have a cleansing shower. Most elderly people with considerable motion capabilities can shower on their own.

If you have an elderly relative or someone with mobility challenges, consider a walk-in bathtub for them. It may prevent injuries and associated costs from a serious accident.