Kitchen Designs That Will Stir Your Imagination to a New Level

kitchen designThe kitchen is central to everything that goes on inside a house. It can serve as an area for preparing meals, or a space for some quiet time after a day at work. For these reasons, owning a lovely kitchen is a dream for many property owners.

Experts in kitchen remodelling can make this dream a reality by offering unique design elements. As the creative team of Goettling Interiors puts it, “There is no standard solution.” Experts go to great lengths to create stunning space designs.

The following take kitchen designs to a new level:

Kitchen at a Golf Course

The golf tournament is not the only thing that attracted fans to the Senior PGA Championship’s venue. The course has an array of kitchen appliances displayed on the course, creating a spectacle for golf enthusiasts.

Called the “KitchenAid Experience”, the display allows guests to get a close view of the items from KitchenAid – from small countertop appliances and large appliances. While it is not an actual kitchen design at home, the impressive setup on the green became one of the main attractions on the course.

High Altitude Kitchen

One man took his kitchen ideas to great heights – literally. Chef Virgilio Martinez sets up his new kitchen and restaurant at a height of 12,000 from the ground. As reports elaborate, Martinez did this in his pursuit of understanding Peruvian cuisine. The altitude is the main element in understanding Peru’s cultural heritage, which he uses as an inspiration for his delicacies. Ingredients used in his dishes come from Incan mountains, providing every meal with a distinct taste.

When New Meets Old Kitchen Design

A house in Quebec gained fame for its ancient heritage theme. The property takes after the designs of a standard 18th-century home, but uses new materials for reinforcing the structure. Its kitchen is reminiscent of the ones you will find in the homes during the 1800s. It has a 1907 burning stove and antique furnishings that were restored to complete the rustic appeal of the kitchen.

Whether you are setting up a new kitchen or planning a renovation, professional designers can bring your ideas to life. Use these unique kitchen themes as inspiration for your next project.