Landscape Design: What Factors to Keep in Mind

Landscape Design in TaurangaBackyard and front yard landscaping is an effective way of increasing the value of your property. A well-landscaped area is not only attractive, but it also creates relaxation atmosphere. While landscaping could be the next project you are about to take, it’s good to know that there are factors that limit it.


People who live in the Mediterranean, tropics, coastal areas or desert have different climates. The climate is important when determining the type of plants you intend to introduce in the yard. According to professional landscapers, tropical plants may not survive in a desert landscape. The landscape plans you choose should not cause watering problems and they should incredibly suit the local climate. Whether you intend to use fences, walls or plants as windscreens, one should consider wind strength and current.

Soil types

In most cases, the pH level, condition and drainage of your yard highly depend on the type of soil. It’s easier and economical for gardeners to landscape yards with loam or clay soils. If you live in a sandy place, you would need to convert the sand soil into humus soil before you introduce any plants. If the soil in your garden is the heavy, clay-type, mixing it with sand or installing underground drainage system would make it favourable for plant growth. Moreover, the soil type would determine whether elevation and slope changes would be effective in preventing soil erosion.

Existing plants

Landscapers in Tauranga agree that it’s important to retain the flowering and evergreen shrubs in the yard since replacing the lost shrubs could be uneconomical. One should understand that although the shrubs available are fast-growing, they might not fit the landscape design of the garden. Before you remove or retain the existing trees and shrubs, it’s good to find out if their shade may affect activity areas, pond placement, structure placement and plant selection.

Introducing new plants in your yard to give it a different look is a great thought. Nonetheless, the above aspects would highly determine the plant species you would go for, planting style and maintenance.