Landscaping Trends: Making the Grass Greener this 2015

topiary gardenAustralians love the outdoors, and they are obsessed with renovations. This is why it is not surprising that many Perth residents are investing in outdoor renovations. A news report dubbed the suburb Mosman as the renovation capital of Australia. In the last12 months, the residents spent $76.36M and the most popular renovation projects are, of course, adding and revamping alfresco areas and swimming pools.

With a new year ahead, Perth residents are looking for ways to improve their outdoor spaces further. If you have renovated your alfresco and swimming pool areas last year, perhaps 2015 is the time to spruce up your landscaping. Here are some trends in landscaping Perth renovation experts recommend; draw inspiration from these as you plan your reno project:

Landscape Trend #1: Edible Gardens

Gone are the days that there are distinct areas for vegetables and flowers in the garden. The latest trend in landscaping is gardens that feature both edibles and ornamentals. To make the garden more appealing, coordinate the colours and shapes of the flowers and vegetables. For instance, pair roses with tomatoes and bell peppers.

Landscape Trend #2: Container Gardens

Because more Australians want to maximise the space in their outdoor living areas, container gardens will only continue to grow in popularity. This idea is perfect for you if you have limited space. You will not have to worry about plants restricting the space and the maintenance will be easier. Add drama to that plain wall in your backyard by hanging plants and flowers.

Landscape Trend #3: Eco-friendly Plants

Gardens featuring plants that attract butterflies, bees and birds will be more popular this 2015. Some of these plants include the Midgen Berry, Tea Trees and Eucalypts. Make your garden more environmental-friendly by adding these plants. Consider consulting a landscape specialist, so you will know what your other options are and which plants work best in your location.

Keep in mind these three landscaping trends; consider them as you design your renovation project. Work with a landscape expert so you can enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your outdoor space.