Lawyer Aspiration’s Step One: Be a Paralegal

Law School Readings Being a paralegal teaches one or two things about your career: it may be the first step you take toward being a lawyer or it could be such a great job you realize that you want to be a lawyer. Either way, the ambition is there: you want to be a lawyer.

Whatever the case is, the experience is still the greatest advantage when you apply for law school.

While your online paralegal school might’ve taught you enough about the law, it’s always a plus to take things a step further.

Here’s how being a paralegal helps you during your law school admission process.

Learn from the Field

Being a paralegal already exposes you to the realities attorneys face every day. It paves the way for exploration of law areas that might pique your interests (which can also be your specialization after law school). Also, take a look at other potential practice areas to strategically pursue summer associate positions (another big plus if you want to go to law school).

Strong Recommendations

Letters of recommendation are valuable for your law school application. If you really want to be a lawyer, start by taking the time to build good relationships with potential recommenders. Keep in mind that the admissions committee needs evidence of your skills and characteristics. Through recommendations, they can judge if you will be a good lawyer or not.

Select endorsers who can share particular examples of your drafting, researching, and editing skills. Most experts and professors recommend coming up with at least two letters of recommendation; one of them should come from the law firm you worked for. Supervising attorneys can also write a good commendation for you.

Being a paralegal is a good experience, especially if you wish to take things up a notch. Make the most of your paralegal career and use it for your future law aspirations.