Let It In: Letting Natural Light Into Your Home

window shuttersEvery home needs sunlight. Whether you’re entertaining guests or reading a book, natural light is priceless. It’s fine if you prefer a sitting room that’s a little darker, but the sunlight makes a room look better and feel warmer, so it deserves to be let in now and then.

When you let natural light into your home, you make your space more inviting while saving energy and prolonging the service life of your lights. Here are some ways to maximise natural light at home.

Redesign the Windows

Observe how the sunbeams enter your home. If they’re concentrated on one side of the house during a particular period of the day, change the shape and size of the existing windows. You may also install an additional window. To control the amount of light coming in, use Perth plantation shutters or light window treatments.

Redesign the Doors

In case you’re considering a major home renovation, you may get rid of your old solid doors and go for glass ones. But if you’re worried about privacy, you may use thinly coloured glass and complement it with some light drapery.

Use Skylights

Skylights are ideal for those who want to brighten up more space. These are your options if your home doesn’t have enough wall space where you can install additional windows.

Use Mirrors

If you think your home has enough windows to let the natural light, but still find the space too dark, the problem may be with how the light enters the area. To correct this, install mirrors on opposite walls. This trick will regulate the flow of natural light and make the room appear more spacious.

Use light or neutral paint colours in your house. Hire an interior designer or a reliable contractor to complete the work within a specified time frame, and to make sure the finish is professional and appealing.