Lift Up Your Spirits with Antigravity Yoga

Anti GravityAre you looking for the mind and body exercise that will work out for you? If you are not a gym rat, you are probably one of those yoga types who prefer the quiet concentration involved in the discipline. There are many types and variations, one of which is aerial yoga.

AntiGravity Fitness says that in regular yoga, you use a mat to perform all the body bends and exercises that the instructor asks you to follow. In aerial yoga, you use a fabric hammock or yoga swing suspended from the ceiling. Aerial or antigravity yoga involves positions that practically take you off your feet–you are also suspended from the ceiling. It is fun but it is also challenging.


The core philosophies of aerial yoga include lightness, openness, and freedom. As you practice the aerial techniques, your body becomes more fluid and efficient, allowing you to stay in shape physically and mentally. When you open yourself beyond your body’s limits, you are also freeing your mind from the work, family, and life stresses that you carry on your shoulders. As the name implies, aerial yoga also tries to achieve what everybody dreams of–the ability to fly. As you become stronger and lighter, you can somehow feel how it is to fly, even if you’re only three inches from the ground.


For an aerial yoga training class to be effective, you need to establish trust, monitor your resistance, and be conscious of your body’s weight distribution. Movements using the fabric hammock can be difficult, and, for you to relax, you need to trust your instructor not to let you fall. You also need to practice tension and slack, economy of motion, and presence of mind. You need to be precise with your movements. It may be quite challenging at first, but you can improve as you go along.


Aerial yoga training allows you to relax and strengthen your body. This activity will support your core, increase muscular flexibility, and fine-tune your balance. You will hold yoga poses correctly and will have a more holistic sense of body awareness. You will improve your posture and have a solid mind and body connection.

Though aerial or antigravity yoga may not be for everyone, you can try it and see if it works for you and your goals. Perhaps this can help you achieve your 2015 health goal.