Lighten the Mood at a Funeral and Make It More Memorable — Here’s How

holding of hands in front of the casketA death in the family remains a painful affair for the bereaved people. A person you held dearly is no more, gone and never to be seen again. The grief that results makes it difficult for some people to give a fitting send-off to their deceased.

Arranging a great funeral is a crucial part of the grieving process as it helps you to achieve closure, notes Here are some ways to help you lighten the mood and make your send memorable.

Get creative with the casket

There are no fixed rules about how a casket needs to look like, and thankfully, makers are open to being creative in their design. Instead of a wooden formal-looking coffin, you could opt for one that reflects the personality of the deceased.

You could paint it in the colors of their favorite team, flowers, animals or even give a musical theme. The options are limitless.

Also, you could have a plain casket and have family members and close friends append a personal message on it. Such a move gives them an opportunity to voice their grief and bide their goodbyes in a highly personalized manner.

Make it a celebration of life

There’s no denying the amount of sadness that comes with a losing a loved one, but that shouldn’t be the theme of the entire funeral. Instead of thinking it as a loss, think of as a life celebration. Describe the life and times of the deceased in vivid colors and words.

In place of plain funeral programs, make it a collage of their life. Include pictures that reflect the kind of life they led and that show who they were. Not only will this make a colorful statement, but it would also provide mourners with a unique keepsake.

It is no secret that arranging a funeral is a sad affair. However, infusing a little bit of creativity could noticeably lighten the mood, making it a memorable occasion.