How to Make the Most of Frameless Glass

Frameless glass systems are among the most complex and sophisticated types of architectural glass installations. Their assembly requires not just careful planning, but also specialised skills, knowledge and experience.

shower glass doorThere are different factors that come into play when installing frameless glass. You need to think about the area for the installation, the support structure, and the type of glass to use. Frameless glass is popularly used for shower doors and enclosures but it is also useful for different applications. These applications include the following:

Office Partitions

Frameless glass provides small offices with two advantages. It offers privacy and creates a feeling of open space at the same time. With a full length frameless glass partition, your office gets a roomy feel and allows the maximum amount of light to come through.

Store Fronts

Glass windows have always been part of retail store design. With frameless glass, the appeal of a storefront is enhanced. It also allows natural light to enter and light up the interiors, allowing customers to see the store’s merchandise from the outside.

Balustrade Systems

Absolute Balustrades recommends the use of glass balustrades as they add a radiant look to staircases, adding a floating effect. This type of balustrade also provides an excellent barrier around the balcony without interrupting your view of the surrounding area.

Residential Entryways

Frameless glass systems can be excellent additions inside your home. They can be used partitions between rooms as well as patio doors. Frameless glass room partitions offer several benefits such as energy efficiency and lower heating costs. Many manufacturers also offer customised design options, allowing you to install the glass in a way that fits your interior design.

Regardless of the type of application, frameless glass is able to enhance the appearance of the area around it, minimise perceived barriers, and make a space seem larger than it actually is. It is also effective in emphasizing every feature within an area.