Make Your Home Sleepover-Ready for the Holidays with These Helpful Tips

woman sleepingIt’s that time of the year when relatives visit and stay for the night. It’s also the time when kids are around, spending time with their cousins and bonding at sleepovers. Prepare in advance and make your home ready for the nights ahead.


Set the room temperature to optimum levels to make sure everyone is comfortable. Salt Lake City winters are cold and chilly. Action Plumbing highly recommends making sure your heating systems are working properly. Address repair issues early on if there are any.

Bed Space

Prepare your kids’ rooms ahead of time. Have them sort their things and stow them properly. Free the room of clutter and keep it clean by doing small, tidy-ups until guests arrive. Prepare mattresses, pillows, and blankets and set it up in the room so that the kids know where to go.

Meals and Snacks

Have easy-to-eat snacks that are filling and healthy, along with the usual favorites. It’s also best to check if anyone is sensitive or allergic to certain types of food. Snacks can be packed in portions, so it’s easy for them to grab a snack.

Activities, Games, and Movies

Keep the kids busy by giving them options for fun indoor and outdoor activities. Schedule resting times and have movies ready for them to watch. Board games and other indoor games will keep the kids busy and happy inside the home, especially if it’s too cold to play outside.

Safety and Security

Have phone numbers handy and ask parents if any of the kids have medicines to take. Also set safety rules that the children have to follow and make sure they know where to find you in case of an emergency.

Bonus: Some Alone Time

As the kids will be spending time with their cousins or friends, take the opportunity to have some time to sit and relax a little. After all, you’ve done a lot of preparing for the kids. So seize the moment and have a little time for yourself, and reward yourself for a job well done.