Making Your House Baby-Ready

Baby with teether in mouth under bathing towel at nurseryThe arrival of a new family member is always something to celebrate about, especially for newlyweds who have longed to have children. However, if you’re currently residing in a home with limited space, you can either consider looking for a new home or making some major renovations on your residence.

If both choices are impossible at this time, here are a few economical ways of prepping your home for your baby’s arrival.

Add storage options.

One of the most important additions to your cramped home is additional cabinets, shelves and storage space. No need to hire a carpenter though. Purchase wholesale ready-to-assemble cabinets to reduce costs. Look for a dresser cabinet and replace your TV stand with it.

Check your walls, including that space above your closets, and see where you can add easy-to-install pegs, cabinets, and shelves. Utilize the space under your beds and even the baby’s crib.

Purchase space-saving items.

Foldable laundry boxes, corner clothes baskets, collapsible strollers, fold-down changing tables, and mini-cribs can maximize any small space. You can even look up multi-functional appliances that you’ll need for your baby.

When buying any additional furniture or appliance, remember to think portable and miniature so that you don’t end up with large purchases. Consider using decor that has pegs and storage space so they can be functional as well.

Re-assess everything you own.

Go through the appliances, furniture, and furnishings that you currently own and see which ones you can replace. If you can find more compact and efficient models or versions of these items, then sell the ones you have right now.

It’s still easier and cheaper to buy new furniture and appliances than tearing a wall down to build a new room or even buying a new house.

Having a child can change your life and lifestyle, usually for the better. This is true even while preparing for their arrival. You just have to be willing to make the change while waiting for your newborn.