Maximize Turnout at Urban Parks with Benches and Hardscape Elements

a hardscape within a bonfireUrban green spaces like public parks bring many benefits. It helps improve not only the physical and mental health of individuals but also social interaction among members of the community.

While not everyone visits local parks, sixty-nine percent of people in the largest US cities live within a ten-minute walk to a public park. Installing park benches and other useful hardscaping elements may help attract more people to your nearest public park.

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Encourage the People to Stay

What’s an urban park without benches? Benches are a sign that the public is welcome to the park. It invites them not only to pass through the place but also to stop and linger. Park benches are great for people watching and meditating. In fact, you can use it for exercising, too.

Children and teenagers might have no qualms about laying down on the grass, but seniors, pregnant women, and injured people need benches to sit on when they’re tired. Placing benches in areas with heavy foot traffic ensures the benches are used properly. It can also help you direct foot traffic towards other park areas you want to highlight.

Provide Refreshing Meeting Spaces

Benches help boost interaction between locals and provides them with a place spend time together. Remember to install tables, as well! Benches and tables can help attract office workers who want to spend their lunch break at the park. Urban parks near business areas can also serve as informal meeting venues for a change of pace.

Different hardscape elements, such as pergolas, pavilions, and pagodas, are great for public parks, too. It can be used in casual events, such as a birthday celebration or community barbecue. Larger and more stylish pavilions can also be used in formal events like a wedding reception.

Attracting people to your local public park requires more than just keeping the plants well-kept. Consider your visitors’ needs, as well. Remember to install benches and other hardscapes to improve the look of your urban park and encourage greater foot traffic.