Memory Foam: Should You Get a Full Mattress, or Just a Topper?

memory foamAfter reading through the many benefits of memory foam, you are excited enough to want it for yourself. Many people say that once they have tried it, they have trouble sleeping on anything else. But still, do you really need to shell out the cash for an entirely new mattress, or can you get by with just a good topper?

Choosing between a memory foam mattress and topper can be difficult. Both are perfectly valid options, and you should know the benefits of each before making a decision.

Deciding to get a memory foam topper

Getting by with just a mattress topper makes sense in some situations. You have plenty of brands to choose from, and according to SleepWarehouse, it’s easy to find one that is the right thickness for your needs. Compared to full mattresses, these pads have their own unique advantages.

• First, there is the huge cost savings to take into account. If you are on a tight budget, but can’t sleep without memory foam, then this is definitely for you.
• It is great at improving the comfort level of your current mattress. Even cheap spring mattresses feel wonderful with a good topper.
• Toppers will also protect your mattress from perspiration, bacteria, and dead skin cells which accumulate over time if you don’t clean properly. This keeps it in top condition for much longer.

Even their small size helps. They are compact and portable, so you can bring them with you on camping trips or other outings.

Why a mattress is worth its cost

On the other hand, nothing can really match the comfort level of a full memory foam mattress. Compare the two, and you will notice that the difference is significant. For those who want the most comfortable night’s sleep possible, this is the only real choice. Perhaps most importantly, a full mattress will usually last longer than a topper.

In short, this is a choice between great savings and superior performance. What you should buy depends on your budget, and what your comfort needs are.