Over the Moon on Your Honeymoon: 3 Ways to Plan It Right

tips on planning the perfect honeymoonThe wedding drama is over. The guests have gone home. The presents are packed—and so are your suitcases. Finally, it’s time for the best part of the new chapter in your life: the honeymoon.

Until recently, you’ve been green with envy over your friends posting pictures of luxurious destinations. Now, you’re ready to look great on a sandy beach and cherish the moments with your other half.

Here are some tips on planning the perfect honeymoon:

Play the Wild Card

Honeymoons don’t necessarily equate to a day on the beach. If it’s not your spouse’s thing, then make compromises. Don’t force your lifetime partner; go somewhere that will make you both happy. If you want to go to the beach, but your spouse prefers lounging by the pool, then look for a location that offers both. Look for a rental with a pool, but one that’s also close to the beach, such as those at Luxury Rentals Miami Beach.

Don’t Go Too Far

Don’t fly halfway around the world if you only have a limited amount of time for your honeymoon. You can’t fly around the world in a week. No, actually, you can—but when you return from your “vacation”, you’ll be more exhausted than when you left.

Pack Smart

Pack smart and don’t bring your entire closet along for the trip. If you’re traveling to the beach, leave the heels at home. Save the spice for later in the evening by packing lingerie instead (it’s your honeymoon anyway). Bring along a pashmina or two—they are light and can give you the warmth you need on a cold evening.

Don’t Plan Too Many Activities

Don’t plan too many activities in advance. In the days leading up to your wedding, your time will already be heavily scheduled.

It’s best to wait and see what you’ll do once you arrive at the destination. If it’s rainy on the first day, go visit the spa. If you feel like doing nothing but lie on the beach the next day, then do just that. No pressure.