How Much Physical Activity Do Young Adults Need?

Improving your level of physical activity would not matter as long as you stick with your health program. A few rounds of jogging and low calorie intake, however, may be not enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Young adults ages 5 to 18 need three types of physical activities each week. They need to engage in moderate-intensity, muscle-strengthening and bone-strengthening activities.


For at least one hour every day, do some cycling or tennis. You need to engage in moderate-intensity activities to meet your weekly muscle and bone strengthening requirements.

During the weekends, you can still continue exercising without disrupting your family time. There are fantastic local tours and activities waiting for you in the North Coast, according to Ballina Beach Village. Set up your picnic spot, ride a bike with friends and family. Race the wind as you spend quality time with your family and improve your physical activity habits.


As soon as you reach the ideal body for muscle-strengthening activities, proceed to unstructured activities like calisthenics. Use your body weight in improving your resistance in activities, such as push ups, pull-ups and sit-ups. Keep in mind that repetition in this kind of exercise is essential. Try doing 8 to 12 repetitions per activity, counting them as one set. Repeat these sets as many as you can. Don’t worry if going to the gym isn’t your thing. You can resort to crossfit sessions or try exercising at home with resistance bands and instructional videos.

Bones Strengthening

Balance your fitness program by incorporating bone-strengthening activities. Work your body to produce a tension force on your bones, which then promotes bone strength and growth. Enrol in a dance workshop or join a running club. Form a reliable fitness group that commits to better health.

To sustain a healthy body and lifestyle, identify the types and levels of activities that are appropriate for your age. Observe moderation in your physical activities to not overwork your body. Just make sure to develop a fitness routine that can equally strengthen the different parts of your body.