Need to Hide Your AC Unit? Here’s What You Can Do

Hide it with a CabinetCompanies with commercial air conditioning don’t usually use covers to protect their expensive and elegant units. The case is different when it comes to residential cooling systems, though. Some homeowners use air conditioner covers to hide old, dirty cooling units.

If you don’t have AC covers for your unit, Apex Airconditioning suggests doing the following:

Use Lattice

Lattice designs are common in making air conditioner covers. These are pieces of wood arranged together to form grids, adding an elegant appeal to the home. To do this cover, get a pre-fabricated lattice woodwork and additional wood for the frames. Assemble the pieces as if you’re building a dresser. You can use this to cover air con condensers outdoors.

Rubber Doormat Art

A rubber doormat often come with elegant designs – with some forming special patterns and spaces that allow airflow. Use this special kind of doormat to cover your interior air vents. The mat will serve as a camouflage for the air vent, while adding elegance to your interior design.

Stack Them Up

Some homeowners use wooden boxes and stack them together to cover their units. The boxes give a Jenga-ish vibe that will complement your outdoor design. You can even design the boxes to form a mini-hanging garden or Zen-inspired space.

Set a Post

Instead of setting a simple box, some property owners create special posts to cover the condensers of their cooling units. You can use a small box and add longer wooden planks to form a taller post.

Hide it with a Cabinet

Hide an old air conditioner by using an old cabinet, or building one from scratch. Measure the size of the cooling unit, so you can install the cabinet around it. The cabinet doors will serve as the cover for your air conditioner. You can design the cabinet to suit your home interiors and maintain style consistency.

Your home will benefit from the cases and covers, providing added AC unit protection against damage, weathering and dirt. Use these concepts as design inspiration to revamp your home and ensure your air conditioning unit will last longer.