Negligent or Not: How to Tell If the Employer Is Accountable for Your Forklift Accident

Forklift accidentWhen it comes to industrial accidents, forklift mishaps are amongst the most common in the UK. This should come as a surprise, this machine can harm almost anyone up close with the nature of its operation; even the driver himself can fall victim to this heavy equipment.

You are free to file a claim and ask for adequate compensation if you get into an accident and feel that it should not have happened at all. The target of your legal move will always be the company owner, but how can you really tell if they are at fault?

According to experienced accident injury claim lawyers, these are three ways to find out if the incident was due to the employer’s negligence:

1. Enforcing Safety Policies

Regulations are, of course, in place to protect workers and visitors, especially in the presence of industrial machines like forklift trucks, but the fashion they are implemented is the question. The HSE itself provides a checklist to help companies minimise all hazards and reduce the risks of operating forklifts for everyone.

When the company fails to cover all the bases in terms of management and supervision, which may have resulted to your unfortunate incident, then the employer may be held accountable.

2. Ensuring the Machine Is in Superb Condition

Forklift trucks require routine maintenance to prevent issues and identify early signs of problems before they actually compromise the environment’s level of safety. Any sort of malfunction can contribute to your accident—whether the upkeep did not spot the possible failure or no upkeep took place at all—and in this case, you can point the finger at the employer.

3. Making Sure the Driver Is Qualified for the Job

Even if being a forklift driver requires no licensure, the law obliges employers to train the operator to achieve an acceptable level of competence for the job. The HSE encourages refreshers, especially under certain circumstances. If you feel this might be a factor, the employer did not do his part.

Forklift accidents could lead to life-altering injuries and affect your lifestyle permanently. The graver the effects the incident has left you, the more you owe to yourself to demand for compensation.