New in Town? Here’s How to Search for your New Dentist

DentistRemember the psycho dentist that Steve Martin played in the movie, Little Shop of Horrors? He was the type of dentist who was also into sadism and he derives great pleasure in bringing exquisite pain to his patients. How about the dentist in Woody Allen’s short story, “If the Impressionists had been Dentists,” where the dentist’s main kick is to give his patients interesting cosmetic dental work to make them look like Impressionist paintings?

Funny, yes, but if these two had been your dentist, wouldn’t you scream in utmost horror? These and other popular culture representations of dentists have greatly contributed to the dread we feel when we have to go to the dentist. And thankfully, none of these dentists exist in real life, especially the many dentists Bromley, UK clinics have.

In fact, one may find the kindest dentists in the area.

What exactly constitutes a good dentist, though? To begin with, there is the matter of the training. Would-be patients should be very particular about the dentist’s training and educational background. The university from which they came from, of course, should not matter, but the dentist’s track record should show that even after the formal education they still pursued other worthwhile training through conferences and seminars. This will show if the dentist is up to date with the new techniques and ideas on dentistry.

For practical purposes, would-be patients should also be aware of the clinic’s hours and if whether the dentist does house calls. This is especially important for those emergency cases or complicated cosmetic dental works.

Another thing to ask for is the specialisation. Some dentists are perfectly adept in general dentistry, which includes tooth extraction and upkeep. Others, however, are known for their restorative and cosmetic dental expertise. Choosing the right dentist, indeed, may also depend on your needs as a patient. One may go for teeth cleaning in one dentist and for veneers or tooth restoration in others. You should also decide if you will consult with NHS dentists or a private practice.

It is best to check the record of a dentist or a clinic if you are consulting with them for the first time. The last thing you want is to be treated by dentist with the wrong specialisation and wouldn’t even bother to refer you to someone else who can give you the required treatment.