Nostalgia Marketing: Using Throwbacks to Market Your Brand

Nostalgia MarketingMany random things remind people of the past. For instance, seeing an old Nokia phone can make you remember the days when Snake was your favorite game to pass the time. It touches emotions to the point that the sensational feeling becomes an effective marketing strategy. After all, nostalgia helps relive both the memories and the emotion during that specific time.

What is Nostalgia Marketing?

Nostalgia is everywhere, so long as it invokes somebody’s emotions of the past. Search Engine Journal noted that this type of marketing is appealing because adults feel the need to connect to their younger years when their brains were still developing. Usually triggered by life transitions, nostalgia can also be a coping mechanism when people feel lonely or stressed.

As such, companies offering expert marketing SEO services see this as an opportunity to help clients market their products and services. By invoking emotions, the then ignored offers of a brand might make a grand comeback and be relevant in the market again.

How Can You Make it Work?

Whether it’s the first product you released or the changes of your logo through the years, many things can be a subject to your throwback strategy. It simply depends on who was aware of it in the past. To make it effective, your main target audience should be those who once bought or experienced your products and services.

Using the Snake game as an example, you began with a Nokia before you switched to the latest phone models today. Now that mobile applications are taking over the smartphone market, imagine if that Snake game were turned into a modern app. There’s a high chance that people who used to play Snake will download it because it brings back memories.

Marketing is touching people’s emotions and when you add nostalgia to it, this can be an effective strategy. Try to discover if this can be among the effective strategies you can use for your brand.