Outdoor Harmony: 3 Ways for the Perfect Fusion of Hardscape and Landscape

GardenIt is easy enough to look for the right plants for your garden, but it is quite another thing to blend these greens with hardscaping. In many homes, there seems to be an awkward disconnect between the patches of green in the lawn and the driveway, the plant-holders, and the platforms. In theory, this should not be the case.

The good news is that every garden can still find that harmony between the landscape and the hardscape. Below, top landscape designers from Oakleigh Manor share some insights on how to do this:

Modernise the Traditional

One great way to fuse the two properly is to give a new interpretation to traditional approaches in garden design. For instance, you can choose to follow the formal style with perfect symmetry and pair it with wild-style plants. The contrast between the two strikes a balance between classic, formal design elements and nature-inspired aesthetics.

Create Repetition and Rhythm

The whole hardscape-landscape dilemma always boils down to a single concept you have to perfect: balance. Now, this is not automatically equivalent to symmetry; rather it is about the visual weight of an area compared to other parts of the place. Balance is something you can achieve with proper rhythm and repetition. A good example here would be the creation of intervals of the plants in the space.

Let the Two Overlap

Then again, you can always resort to not doing much – just mix them both together and the look will still turn out great. Embrace the hardscape and let the plants overflow in some parts of the walkways and plantboxes. You could also mix some greens into the hardscape to fuse the two better. Allot some space in the joints of the hardscape where you can add a few greens to do this.

Every element in your garden should blend well to create a stunning landscape – and the hardscaped areas should not be a problem here at all. Blend the two properly for a property that is nothing short of breathtaking.