Penalties for Different Crimes in Illinois

CrimeIllinois is no stranger to different crimes anymore. Before deciding to do something you’ll regret later, for any reason, it’s helpful to know what penalties are enforced for those actions.

In some cases, you may face criminal charges for crimes you didn’t commit. Criminal defense attorneys in Lincoln, IL mention that by merely being accused, your freedom, finances, reputation, friends, and family are all at great risk. For that, you have to be knowledgeable of what’s ahead of your situation.

There are six main crime categories: murder, habitual criminality, felony, misdemeanor, petty offense, and business offense. Each has a corresponding jail term, extended term, probation term, and maximum fine.


This can be categorized further under first or second degree. For first-degree murder, you may face the death penalty, life imprisonment without parole, or 20 to 60(60 to 100, for extension) years in jail. You won’t be allowed a probation term plus you have three years for mandatory supervision release term (MSRT), and a maximum fine of $25,000, which is the same value as the other degree.

The second-degree, on the other hand, has four to 20 jail years with 15 to 30 years possible extension. You’re also given four years of probation instead and two years for MSRT.

Habitual Criminality

This is not an offense. Rather, it’san adjudication of people who’ve committed a crime twice, have been convicted in U.S. courts of certain cases, and other instances. This category faces life imprisonment without parole, not allowed a probation term, and no fine.


These crimes are classified as X and 1 to 4. Each has a different jail term from one to 30 years, and three to 60 years possible extension. All classes have a maximum fine of $25,000, or $50,000 for a corporation. Probation term ranges from 2.5 years to not being allowed and the MSRT range from one to three years.


Classes A to C misdemeanor has jail time of 30 days to one year with no possible extension and MSRT. It has, however, up to two years of probation term instead and a maximum fine of $1,500 to $2,500.

Petty and Business Offense

Petty offenses only give up to six months of probation term, and the amount of maximum fine is to be specified no more than $1,000. Business offenses, meanwhile, only require a specified amount of fine.

This summary of the penalties for different crimes in Illinois are just the standard sentence provisions. It can be different for certain cases. But knowing this information can definitely help with your case.