Popular Lights and Sounds Shows in Singapore

People watching fireworksSingapore is a city that never sleeps. Some would even say that it’s more alive at night. If you wish to witness the radiance of the city, here are some lights and sounds shows you can catch all year round:

Award Winning Outdoor Night Show

Wings of Time in Sentosa is a multi-sensory experience set against an open sea backdrop. Using breathtaking pyrotechnics, colourful lights and majestic music, the Wings of Time takes the audience to an epic story of courage and friendship.

Voted as the top lights show in Sentosa by TripAdvisor, Wings of Time tells the story of Shahbaz, a mystical pre-historic bird-like creature who needs to go back to his own time. He meets and befriends Rachel and Felix who tag along in his adventures and discover more about themselves throughout their journey.

Mesmerizing Crane Dance

Resorts World has a nightly lights-and-water show set along the Waterfront called the Crane Dance. The mesmerising show features two mechanical cranes dancing to choreographed lights, colours and waterworks.

Despite the cranes being made from heavy metal, they amaze the audience with their graceful and synchronised movements. Towards the end is a series of magical pyrotechnic effects that serve as a visual treat.

Outdoor Symphony of Lights and Music

Spectra is a monthly lights-and-water show held in the Event Plaza of the Marina Bay Sands. It is a free-to-the-public outdoor symphony divided into four acts. The 15-minute show reflects Singapore’s journey as a cosmopolitan city with a multicultural society. The latter half of the symphony has a more futuristic theme that depicts Singapore’s goal for the future.

Marina Bay Sands’ Spectra is a two-year collaboration among music producers, light engineers and computer programmers. The show uses a software programme called Timecode that syncs the light and water effects with the music.

These popular light shows and other vibrant attractions are reasons to be up and awake in Singapore. Make sure to catch these shows on your next visit.