Prepping for School: How to Get Your Kids Ready for Kindergarten

Kindergarten teacher with her studentsKindergarten is a big deal for kids. Childhood development experts explain that parents are a source of kids’ security, so when you leave them in school, you’re in a way shattering that safety net. This is the reason you should be intentional in getting your children ready for kindergarten. Here are some steps you can take:

Visit the school with them

A week before the first school day, go there and let your kids explore the environment. Prioritise visiting the classroom, washroom, and playground. Let them sit on the chairs in the room, flush the toilets in the cubicle, and take the slide and swing. What you’re doing is you’re making a foreign place familiar to them.

Some kindergarten schools in Tootgarook offer orientation for parents and children, so take advantage of this. Or, be active in the parent-teacher association so you can get information about school activities before the first day of class.

Ease them into the new normal

Months before the school day, you should already be introducing the idea of school to your children. Describe to them what their school looks like. Tell them about meeting friends who might love the things they love. Let them choose for themselves the bag and all other school stuff they want.

This conditions their mind into thinking that going to kindergarten is real and it’s going to happen. Ask them also directly what they’re worried about, so you can address those anxieties early on.

Give them a ‘transitional object’

There’s a thing called ‘transitional object’ to which children develop deep emotional attachments, helping them feel secure and comforted. This could be a blanket, a stuffed toy or a bracelet. Choose a comfort object your kids will be able to bring to school. Tell them to hold it or look at it whenever they feel anxious. A photo of the family or a tiny toy will do.

Again, kindergarten is a huge deal for kids. Don’t let them be overwhelmed by the major transition. Remember these tips as you get your children ready.