Prime Qualities of an Appellate Lawyer

LegalYou lost the battle in your felony case. The judge convicted you for the offense charged against you, sentencing you with hefty fines and lengthy imprisonment as per the jury’s verdict. You can’t help but feel a pang of sadness—imagining the future you might never have.

Don’t raise the white flag yet, though; this isn’t yet the end of your story.

Be it a state or a federal crime conviction, the initial judgment is not necessarily final. The constitution provides you an appellate right—a legal remedy to try and reverse the decision given to you. By all means, it’s a serious matter; your appeal determines if you could still keep your freedom or at least reduce your punishments. There’s no telling how your application would turn out, but your chances to succeed is definitely higher with an experienced lawyer on your side.

Excellent Writer

David A. Nachtigall said, “Appellate proceedings differ significantly from those in the trial court because they are based primarily on written submissions to the court.” That means your lawyer should have outstanding writing skills. Unlike court trials, there are no witnesses nor a jury this time around. Your lawyer’s mastery of words is vital to present your case in a good light.

Exceptional Researcher

An appeal requires a tremendous amount of legwork to pin-point all the possible irregularities or errors in the plea or previous trial. Finding a new, strong evidence is crucial to help make sure your appellate efforts bear fruit. Without brilliant researching skills, an appeal is just time and money wasted.

Adept Criminal Lawyer

An appellate attorney should be well-rounded in criminal law. The lawyer must has been tested in real-world cases with a wealth of experience in the prosecution and defense sides. Their extensive understanding on how the criminal justice system works is imperative.

With your liberty and future at stake, your case is worthy of a second look. Don’t blow your potentially last opportunity; find a lawyer that has these qualities, and you may have a successful appeal.