The psychology of cosmetic dentistry

Woman getting dental treatmentGetting cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore involves having a dental procedure that improves the look of the smile. This might be include teeth whitening, cosmetic teeth straightening, veneers or white fillings, among other treatments. It’s easy to focus on the physical process of improving the teeth and miss some of the psychological benefits and considerations.

A team at a dental practice, like Wigmore Dental Practice, is used to seeing patients get a lift from their cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore. That’s why a range of treatments is commonly an important part of any dental surgery’s repertoire.


A bright and even smile is one that is more likely to be used on a regular basis. People are often acutely aware of imperfections and may have been living with low self-esteem because of their smile for a long time, even a lifetime. Suddenly seeing an improvement can lead to a significant boost in confidence.

More confidence as a result of cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore, can lead to a greater tendency to socialise and connect with people professionally and personally.


Cosmetic dentistry means that someone can take control of an aspect of their look they may have previously felt powerless to change. Everyone is used to changing their hair or perhaps their make-up, but not their teeth.

Some procedures offer a temporary change that can be used to enhance a special occasion, while other cosmetic dentistry procedures offer permanent results. Simply choosing a treatment can offer someone a sense of empowerment.

Smile design

There are reasons why some people are viewed as more attractive. Smile design utilises some of these to create principles that can guide a choice of treatments. A skilled cosmetic dentist creates an appealing look with their knowledge of these principles.

For example, symmetry is known to be more attractive than asymmetry. One of the goals of smile design is to make the teeth look even.