Public Health Fears: Taiwan to Implement Tougher Food Fraud Penalties

Street FoodThe government of Taiwan has announced its plans to increase fines for food safety violations, in an attempt to tackle a widening “gutter oil” scandal.

Damaged Reputation

Penalties for violations will be increased ten times to a maximum TW$200 million, Premier Jiang Yi-huah.

“Taiwan’s reputation as a gourmet food kingdom has suffered big damage because of this food safety incident and we should all work together to get back on our feet,” Jiang said in a statement.

Violators will face a maximum seven years in prison instead of the previous five-year sentence.

Taiwan also increased the fines for other food safety offenses to end using tainted oil when cooking street foods.

Rewards for Tip-Offs

Amid growing public health fears, local authorities will offer whistle-blowers more rewards to give information on food safety breaches.

A maximum $2 million Taiwan dollars will be offered. If an employee, however, decided to report his or her own company, the reward will be doubled.

Other stricter measures to ensure safety when preparing food include more meticulous supervision.