When Repair Won’t Do No More: Is It Time for New HVAC?

HVACDespite the fact that HVAC systems keep homes comfortable, people rarely pay attention to them until something’s gone wrong. How difficult is it to repair HVAC? When is it time to replace the system?

Maintenance is key

Not to say that a well-maintained HVAC system will never break down or suffer from glitches, but, like most equipment, you extend its life through routine maintenance. There’s the matter of filters, which get clogged, thermostats that get dirty, ductworks that leak, and fan motors that never get lubricated. If you maintain these regularly, you have smaller chances of the heating or cooling system to malfunction. You can handle the simple tasks as a cleaning assignment, but there are works that need the help of an HVAC repair company in Salt Lake City.

Some parts need inspecting once a year; ignoring these parts may result in dust build-up that could result in breakdown.

Time to replace                                                         

When is HVAC repair the better alternative? Generally, if the system has been used for three quarters of its expected life span, and repairing will burn a hole in the pocket, the smarter option would be getting a new one.

When the system is no longer running efficiently, there may be a risk of the unit breaking down again, which may only cost you more. In this situation, a new unit might bring you more savings over time.

Consult the pros

Just to be sure that the HVAC is worth repairing, calling a technician to do the diagnosis is more prudent than doing it by yourself. Sometimes, it’s not just a matter of the equipment’s age, but also the maintenance history. The technician might actually say that replacement isn’t necessary and you can live with the cost of the repair.

An HVAC system is a big ticket expense. Take care of it; consider whether it is worth saving or letting go.