Restoring Teeth and Confidence

Woman checking her teeth in the mirrorFeeling dissatisfied with the natural state of a smile can mean losing the smile itself. It’s not uncommon for people to notice imperfections in their own teeth, even if they are not seen by others. The problem is that once the problem is felt and seen by that person, it could affect their confidence when they want to smile and laugh with their friends. When it comes to minor flaws with teeth, veneers in Liverpool can effectively restore a subtle imperfection. It might be that time is beginning to show on a person’s teeth, and so some become worn. In other cases, a tooth might be naturally irregular or chipped after injury.

A small fix for a big smile

Sometimes all that is needed is a little restoration with cosmetic treatments like veneers in Liverpool. In Liverpool, veneers are offered at dental practices like Liverpool Smile Studio. These are thin, tooth-coloured pieces of porcelain made especially for the teeth of individual patients. They are crafted to match the colour and shape of their remaining teeth, ensuring that the replacement blends in and appears natural. The material is strong and durable, meaning that veneers serve to both enhance the smile and improve the oral health and function of a patient’s teeth.

Getting ready for a happier and healthier smile

The procedure of veneers in Liverpool is fairly simple, but some preparation is required beforehand. Before the bespoke veneers can be fitted onto a patient’s teeth, the dentist must remove a thin layer of enamel from the natural teeth. This allows more room for the veneers, so that the porcelain can bond to the teeth. A dental adhesive is then applied to the teeth, meaning the veneer will be secured into place.

Veneers are an effective and efficient way of correcting minor issues with natural teeth. When small gaps are a big issue, having a treatment such as veneers can mean avoiding teeth-straightening treatments such as braces. In the same way, they enhance the appearance of a smile and give people back their confidence when they want to have a laugh. It can also mean avoiding complications like the excessive build-up of plaque in big gaps between the teeth.